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origins, 2023

performance duration: 10 min

work, 2021

performance duration: one month

beeswax is the concrete, steel, and glass of the bee nest / bees must ingest and metabolize twenty pounds of honey to make one pound of wax / bees manipulate wax with their mandibles and add enzymes and saliva to the mix. to convert nectar to honey /a bee regurgitates nectar as many as two hundred times to raise the sugar level. she also must fan her wings up to 226, 400 times over the comb to evaporate the water / similarly, the artist labors over her creations contributing energy, tenacity, and time

body into dill, 2020

body into dill documents a performance piece wherein i create a body print in soil and plant dill, an herb originally from eurasia that has gained popularity worldwide / feeling an affinity with dill, i am curious to watch how it takes root, navigating the limitations and freedoms of its space, the neglect and care of its neighbors, and the encouragement and suppression of its nutrients/ people, like plants, are subject to laws and regulations that determine how they blossom, or wither, in their new home

space travel, 2019

performance duration: 8:50 min

using limitations of zoom, my physical body gradually disappears into digital space and becomes indecipherable from the computer screen itself / by understanding space travel as a journey between two spaces – the physical and the digital – i reinterpret the five hazards of human spaceflight published on nasa web site / i imagine that my physical body literally travels to a digital space while being in danger of different hazards that may cause real physical reactions of the body /i become my own ghost, my avatar, that disperses itself in the digital space when i try to squeeze through impaired digital connections

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