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the cyborgs undone,
the ghosts came to light,
the ancestors control the future
in this solo show, i inspect textural strata of such materials as beeswax, burlap, leather, steel, plaster, wood, and paper / all of these materials have been used by people for millennia / they transport to the past evoking not only memories and myths but also dreams and poetry / i want my work to enable people to transcend their everyday and get lost in rich world of textures and inventive shapes to discover their hidden poetry / if we look back to the past, how can we (re)imagine our present and future selves?

i, a dreamer, poet, creator and lover of bees, invite you to a journey between times to meet the ghosts dreamed up / my suggested means of transportation are sculpture, painting, print maiking, performance, and poetry / the means are diverse because art and imagination is limitless

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