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what I know is what a bee does as she gathers knowledge through experience – the material of the flowers of the fields / as she uses the skills of her own to digest and transform it into something more than the bee herself / she does this in a form of honey, and she builds a colony
(how knowledge is produced)

i create sculpture, painting, and performance / my work engages with beeswax and circles around bee metaphors and observations – a bee as a laborer, a bee as a member of a hive/society, a bee as a living organism who’s body is her own tool. Unexpected combinations and reuse of materials, experimentation and transformation describe the techniques and approaches of my art making

just like a bee – with her listening to a polyphonic world, laboring vigorously, moving from flower to flower, or from art project to art project – I make and craft / i am inspired by abandoned practices – crafts and (hi)stories such as wild-hive beekeeping, wax-working, folklore and rituals; but also my personal history that defines me as a woman, an immigrant, and a very resourceful person

just like a bee, i use what I’ve got – my knowledge, experience, intuition and talents – to explore such fertile subjects as intersection of the personal and the cultural, migration, and time and history to constantly produce a new knowledge about myself and my labor

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